Rock'n Coke 2011, Share@Site

Distribute custom designed RFID wristbands or cards at your organizations.

So that every single person has a unique identification number.

Share@Site, Rock'n Coke 2011, RFID Wristband
Rock'n Coke 2011, Share@Site

Make your attendees link their RFID wristbands or cards to their Facebook accounts.

Share@Site, RFID Wristband, Facebook
Rock'n Coke 2011, Share@Site

Now its time to entertain everyone!

Spread RFID Readers throughout your organization area (CheckIn@Site), post funny content to the Facebook walls of the people who read their RFID wristbands. Create a buzz, make people comment and like your posts.

Share@Site, Facebook Wall Posts

Make people earn badges and gifts.

Use Photo@Site to make people tag and share photos.

Use giant screens to broadcast the most popular, the ones with the highest rank, the funniest photos...

Share@Site tracks all the social network buzz it causes. Quantifies and reports it.

Share@Site, Twitter

Profiles the audience and measures your impact. Calculates and breaks it down to gender, age, school, city, popularity...

It does this for all your sponsors who use Share@Site functionality.

Share@Site Reporting